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The Request Line Is (Always) Open

May 31st, 2010

If there are law-related topics about which you’re curious, feel free to post questions as comments here, and I’ll try to craft those into blog posts.  I’m also open to suggestions, pointers to other related blogs you might like to discuss (especially if they don’t accept discussion), or social issues that raise legal questions.  (I do try to steer clear of the distinctly political, especially if discussions tend to become highly partisan.)

[And please note that I do filter blog spam.]

All Aboard!

February 21st, 2010

Welcome aboard my Train of Thought.

Be warned: I’m not a “blogger”; I won’t be posting pearls of wisdom here every day, or with any particular promise of frequency. I see this medium as a way to expand the information I offer to clients and potential clients without having to redesign my web page every few days.

Instead, I’ll post interesting items I might come across and wish to share, or post responses to questions I receive that I think might be of general interest. If you have a general question, and if it welcomes a general answer, post it here, and I may make it into a post (and I’ll try to let you know, if you leave an e-mail address).

-Rick Rutledge