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What is an FAQ?

“FAQ” is a term that has become the standard name for a “Question & Answer” page on a web site.  This is mine.

What is a General Practice Lawyer?

A general practice lawyer is a lot like a general practice physician.  Think of me, if you will, as your legal family doctor.  While I may not be able to handle every legal issue that arises in your life, I will be able to tackle the most common ones.  Where the nature of a problem isn't entirely clear, I can help identify and refine the problem, to identify the source.  If I can't help you (either alone, or by drawing on an extensive network of contacts and resources, both in the local community and throughout the country), I will help you find the specialist who can.  Just as your family doctor may refer you to a specialist -- a cardiologist for your heart, an allergist for allergies, or an oncologist for cancer -- I may refer you to a specialist, or bring a specialist in to work with us to solve your problems when necessary.  Because legal specialists, like medical specialists, often cost more, and may be hard to find or schedule, as a generalist I may be able to help you reduce your legal costs even in those specialized areas by helping you collect information, perform research, or generally prepare you to minimize the time required of the specialist.

Like your family doctor, I'm concerned with your overall legal health.  I want to help you achieve and maintain legal fitness.  Because of my business background and education, and with a little help from a broad life experience, I may also be able to help you review how financial issues in your life may lead to legal problems -- and how legal planning may help improve your financial situation.  By working together, you and me, we can identify any problem areas in your life, areas that can benefit from planning or preventive action.  As with your doctor or dentist, I can show you how a little effort now can save you pain and expense down the road.

What is Financial Literacy?

Financial Literacy is a life skill.  Just as ‘literacy’ refers to the ability to read and write, ‘financial literacy’ refers to the ability to manage basic financial matters.  It's more than being able to handle basic math (which is sometimes called ‘numeracy’); it's about being able to put basic math to work for you, and to make smart, practical decisions.  Definitions vary from person to person, but I use the term to refer to important life skills that are critical to successfully managing your money, and a basic knowledge of financial principles or concepts.  Here are some examples, but there are many more!

Example Skills:

  • Preparing a Budget
  • Balancing/Reconciling a Checkbook
  • Comparing Payment Plans
  • Calculating Interest
  • Preparing a Basic Tax Return
  • Opening a Bank Account
  • Saving Money
  • Smart Shopping
  • Finding a Job
  • Buying Insurance

Example Concepts:

  • Interest Rates /
    Finance Charges
  • Mortgage / Amortization
  • Reconciliation / Balancing
  • Default
  • Foreclosure
  • Overdraft
  • Service Charges
  • Needs vs. Wants
  • Liability
  • Bankruptcy

What is Estate Planning all about?

There is a whole page about Estate Planning here.

How Much Does A Lawyer Cost?

There is a whole page about Charges & Fees, including my Billing Policies and Procedures here.

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