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I believe that the law will serve you best when applied proactively.

This is especially true when planning your life, both the living of it, and the end of it. Applying the law proactively requires that you plan ahead. It means making sure you have adequate insurance, that you're saving for your retirement and your children's education. It means having a will and health care arrangements. It means making sure that there are plans for taking care of your children in the case of a family crisis or disaster.

Sure, there are laws to take care of all of these situations. But do the defaults that the law provides for coincide with your wishes? Do you even know what the law provides for?

And planning is not just about planning for disaster. Are you planning to marry? To have children? To buy a new home? Perhaps you're planning to buy into (or start) a business. Planning increases the chances that these dreams will become realities.

Make a plan.

The first step to living your life to a plan is having a plan. It means taking the time to look at what's important to you, what you hope for, what you're striving for. It means taking a realistic look at where your life is now, and figuring out what options are available for getting from Point A - the Here and Now - to Point B - your Future. I can help you with this.

Monitor the plan.

Is the plan working? How will you know if you never do a reality check? Are the steps you're taking leading you down the right path? Are they moving you along at a pace that will get you where you want to be, when you want to be there? Saving for your children's college is great (and very important), but if your plan leaves you short when it's time for the kids to head off to school, you'll need to find alternative solutions. Knowing this as far ahead as possible is to your advantage, because it gives you more time to change course, or plot a new course altogether. I can help you with this.

Update the plan.

Things change. You have to adapt. Your plan has to adapt with you. A new job, a raise, a new home, a new child - all of these things can have a HUGE impact on your plan, for better or worse. If the plan accounts for such changes, especially if it anticipates the possibility of such changes in advance, adjusting your arrangement is much easier. I can help you with this.

Can't I just take care of this stuff myself?




There is a whole page about Self-Help here.

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